Terms & Conditions

Terms And Condition

Leander Athletic Club, LLC Guest and Member Policies/Terms of Use


LAC has adopted the following policies and procedures to provide a safe, healthy, and welcoming facility for our members, their families and guests. These are subject to update by the LAC and updates will be posted on this site. These policies apply to our location facilities, whether in the outdoor areas, parking lot, waiting areas, refreshment areas, wellness or fitness areas as well.


Please read these Terms of use and comply with them voluntarily, as it is our goal to provide an awesome experience for any member, family member, or guest who may visit our Club.


The Terms of use are important to the continued operation and success of our Club, and we reserve the right to notify any member, family member, or guest if they are in violation of our Terms of Use, and take actions to seek compliance with our policies by reasonable means. Reasonable means includes suspension of your membership or guest privileges or termination of your membership in certain serious or repeated violations of policies.


Some policies will apply to specific areas as noted below. We may adopt policies applicable to a single area or event as needed.


Our goal is to provide an awesome experience for any person who enters our facility, to engage in fitness activities or wellness activities, so that they will reach their health goals and continue to return on a regular basis. These policies are designed with that goal in mind. Whenever you are engaging in exercise or wellness activities, you must be properly hydrated and continue to stay hydrated, and consider your own physical condition and any limitations on your health due to injury, age, inexperience or other factors. Therefore, we encourage you to bring water, proper attire, pace yourself, and ask for help or direction in any area. You also are free to take a break, or stop exercising or participating in any wellness activity at your own discretion, including in any class or treatment. Your health and fitness is a journey, and we believe you will find improvements with consistency, and support with the property tools and instruction we will provide to you as a resource.


General Policies apply to all areas.

 As a requirement to entry, all members, their family members, and their guests must check in at the front desk before engaging in further activity at the club. We will also use reasonable means to protect the health and safety of our members and guests and staff. Upon checking in, we reserve the right to request information about your exposure, infection, illness, sickness, disease with respect to COVID-19 and the virus that causes it, SARS-CoV-2. We will adopt policies as needed in this area based on current law, and also reserve the right to refuse admittance to any person we observe may be a health risk to others based on current information. Our club provides areas for intense workouts or wellness treatments, and you are aware of the possible risk of infection or exposure to this disease or others by attending the facility. We do not require masks at our facility at the current time, unless local or federal law requires usage and distancing in the future between participants.

  1. Clothing must be worn in all common areas, including shoes at all times. Clothing is defined as clothing that covers your chest and lower body, including shirts, shorts, skirts, pants, leggings appropriate for workouts if participating in Fitness Areas; and reasonable clothing sufficiently covering your body if participating in the Wellness areas.* Exceptions to this rule are that Specific Clothing, less clothing, or bathing suits are allowed in designated areas, such as bathrooms, or saunas, see below.
  2. Personal property. Every person including children are responsible for their own personal property whether left in their automobile, or brought into the facility, and we are not liable for any loss or damages to personal property. Lockers will be available for temporary use, however, Lockers will be cleaned out overnight and property lt will be held onsite for 48 hours then donated if not claimed promptly. In the fitness areas, the only items allowed are small towels to wipe down equipment or use while exercising, small phones or ipads (which we require your own earbuds or headphones to use), and only if small, a small container for such item, and a personal water container with a lid.
  3. No food, smoothies, or snacks of any type are allowed in the fitness areas and/or classrooms. Any food, smoothies, or snacks consumed onsite will be allowed at the designated snack/concession area. Please dispose of all trash at designated trash receptacles onsite. No food is allowed in the LAC Kids club, except for baby bottles, or water cups with lids for children.
  4. Children under the age of 18 are only allowed in the fitness or wellness areas if they are a member in good standing. Children aged 12 and under are allowed only in the entry areas and in the LAC Kids Club if they are a member. Children are not allowed to accompany their parents or other adults and ‘wait’ for the member during workouts in our entry area or in our parking lot. We do not authorize and allow any children to be on our facility grounds unsupervised or with an adult unless with a parent or guardian or caretaker at all times.
  5. Proper respect for others using our club is expected in encouraged. Our club will not endorse or allow disruptive members or their guests to engage in any inappropriate noise, harassment of others at the facility, such as but not limited to unwelcome interference with another person’s activities, arguments, or use of profanity. No sexual harassment or discrimination against others will be acceptable at LAC.
  6. We have a non-smoking/non-vaping/non tobacco use facility. Please refrain from any of these activities while at our club.
  7. We have a no-alcohol policy while using or visiting our facility, unless there is a special event which LAC has given permission for alcohol to be served on a limited basis under certain terms and conditions for those events. If you are allowed to consume any alcoholic beverage at our facility at a special event, and do so; we recommend you not operate an automobile, and arrange a designated drive, and that you not engage in any vigorous physical activity. 
  8. If you have a complaint regarding these policies or any person violating these policies, please bring it to the attention of management for the LAC agents to be aware and resolve.




When using the Fitness or Exercise Classrooms, you must wipe down and sanitize the equipment and area after use to be respectful of others health as well as your own.


The equipment onsite belongs to LAC, and you are not authorized to operate the special music, sound equipment or specialty lighting in any classroom. The instructors are authorized to do so only.


Reservations are recommended for all classes if possible, and please cancel if possible to allow space for others to participate if not able to attend. We request that you arrive a few minutes early to prepare your space and equipment for a class, such as setting up your yoga mat, weights, or bike.


The warmup is important at the start of any class, and we recommend you arrive in sufficient time to participate if possible. If you arrive late, please do not disturb others.


Please wait for one class to end, and participants to leave before entering the classroom. Please wear appropriate attire, and except for yoga, shoes are required for the class. After class, please wipe down and return all equipment to its original location.


YOGA attire. For Yoga classes please wear comfortable, stretchable, layered clothes that are easy to move in. Please do not wear shoes, inappropriate clothing, large jewelry, or perfumes. If you remove your t-shirt or shoes in the Yoga class, you must put those items back on while existing the Yoga class. Women are required to wear an appropriate sports bra if they remove their t-shirt. Yoga instructors will only assist you in poses only if you consent to being touched for Yoga poses or practices. To request that help, you will be required to select a card to place on your mat, that states, Yes to Yoga assists. This is completely voluntary and not a requirement to participate in Yoga class.


CYCLING. For Cycling classes, the instructors may opt to use music and specialized lighting to enhance the event. You should not participate in these classes if you have been diagnosed with epilepsy or if you have sensitivity to lighting and music that are used in this activity.


SAUNAS. For use of the Saunas, wet or dry, you must wear either workout clothing or a minimum of a bathing suit at all times. You may not enter the sauna without any covering of your body by a bathing suit or other clothing. A towel is not considered clothing. 



Please be respectful of others in the Fitness Areas. After use of equipment or weights, please wipe down and replace the equipment to the original settings and the weights to their original location. Please do not monopolize any certain equipment, and after certain reasonable repetitions on a specialized piece of equipment, rotate to another machine to allow others to fully benefit from various machines as well as yourself. 


Members must use their own earbuds or headphones while listening to music, or talking on a cellphone. If using your cellphone will working out, please keep your conversations as quiet as possible to not disturb others.


When using equipment, please ask for assistance from a LAC agent if you do not know how to operate it, or follow the instructions where available on the machine or posted nearby. Please refrain from allowing weights to bang against each other, or allow weights on pulleys to fall on other weights to avoid damaging equipment. 


LAC Kids Club.

You will need to enroll your children in the LAC Kids Club before they enter the facility. The enrollment forms will provide further details about hours of operation, costs, and special policies that apply to this area.


Snack/Concession & Smoothie area.

You may bring your own snacks or drinks into this area as desired; however, we encourage you to use this area to refuel before, during or after a workout. We will strive to have suitable beverages, snacks, and smoothies to purchase to make

Your experience more convenient and beneficial onsite. We plan to partner with a smoothie company that will offer information on the types of products we will offer at our facility to see if they meet your fitness goals as well, however, you are not required to purchase our products. Any products or beverages you purchase are at your own discretion.



We will provide these areas for our members, their guests and families only. Please use the facility designated for your sex. Absolutely no photographs or videos may be taken inside our bathrooms/showers at any time. Please respect the privacy of others in these areas to the greatest extent possible so that all are comfortable in this common area.