Infrared Saunas
IV Drip Therapy
Full Body Cryotherapy
Electric Cold Plunge Tubs
Red Light Therapy Bed
Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber



If you’re looking for benefits that go beyond a gym membership, you might want to think about investing in our Wellness + Recovery memberships. At its core, being healthy means taking care of your mind, body, and spirit. When you focus on your health and wellness, you’re more likely to recover from illness or injury quickly. You’re also likely to have more energy and feel better overall. Taking care of your health and wellness can help you avoid future health problems. So, if you’re looking for benefits that go beyond the physical, a health and wellness membership may be right for you. We have a plan for everyone. From daily passes to monthly plans. Feel free to reach out for additional questions!



We have invested in state of the art equipment for our wellness and recovery center to bring you the best luxury and wholesome experience. The benefits of our luxurious, yet affordable, services are numerous. You will feel relaxed and rejuvenated after just one visit. In addition, our state of the art equipment ensures that you will receive the highest quality care possible. Our recovery center is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, whether it is to lose weight, get in shape, or simply improve your overall health. We offer a variety of services that are designed to meet your unique needs and help you reach your goals. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you achieve your ideal level of health and wellness.