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March 2020 was a life changing time for a lot of us. Lockdowns started, and many of us were facing very challenging times – from illness, to job insecurity and beyond. One thing our circle of friends all had in common was our passion for fitness.

Since gyms were closed, and stores were running short on fitness equipment, we decided to get together, combine our equipment, and started safely working out together outdoors.

Over time our workout group turned into a community that helped us all grow and keep our sanity during 2020.

Not only were the workouts fun, but by the end of the summer, we were all in the best shape we’ve ever been in.

Gyms in our area started slowly opening back up fall of 2020, but we didn’t have a desire to go back because what we had created was more fun – and effective.

We began discussing the idea of opening up our own gym. If we were going to open a gym, we wanted to do it right. We started planning, researching, and talking about everything we wanted in our dream gym. We wanted to create a place where you have options for different styles and types of workouts, as well as everything you need to properly recover and relax afterwards. We wanted to create a place that people would look forward to coming to.

Most importantly, what we hope to create, is the same sense of community we had summer of 2020. Where you can come and enjoy yourself, feel uplifted, and encouraged to become your best self.

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Each room comes with its own unique set of equipment and classes. Whether you’re looking to just join for specific classes, or if you’re looking for a FULL experience, we have plans for everyone.


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